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Men's perfumes

A perfume is a way to express your uniqueness. It reveals your character and your lifestyle, opening the door to the wonderful world of your feelings, habits, imagination and creativity. Modern men resort to their perfume for that feeling of assurance and maleness. It is therefore important that you choose your perfume by yourself. Your fragrance is your own self!
Our offer for you contains a variety of male perfumes whose fragrance oozes a feeling of freedom, sensuality, freshness, maleness, seduction…
Londessa perfumes are exclusive fragrances of outstanding quality and excellent durability, available at affordable price.
Choose a Londessa perfume to suit your personality and feel assured of your cham!

Ladie's perfumes

The famous Coco Channel once said that a woman who wears no perfume is a woman with no future. In order to be irreplaceable, a woman must keep being different. The thing that can make every woman special, unique and unforgettable is the good choice of perfume.
Londessa has prepared over 180 different fragrance hues for you to choose from and give form to your elegance, sensuality, gentleness, ease, attraction and mystery… All our fragrance notes are characterized by durability, excellence of quality and affordable price.

Children's perfumes

Children’s sensitivity to odours and children’s desire to use perfumes go beyond sheer imitation of their parents, whom children typically look upon when it comes to image – children’s interest in perfumes primarily represent an important development feature. It is hardly surprising to learn that fragrances are used to therapeutic purposes as well.
Our offer of children’s perfumes contains fantastic fragrances for children, perfectly safe for use and enabling children to enjoy using their sense of smell, learning from the early age about the importance of having one’s own style, being self-assured, neat and good-looking.

  • Lotions


The After Shave lotion is a unique preparation for refreshment and nourishment of the skin after shaving, giving the truly exquisite feeling of satisfaction to users. The after shave provides an efficient protection for the skin against irritation caused by daily shaving routine, actively hydrating the skin in order to prevent its drying. It has a soothing effect on the skin, resulting in an incredible overall sensation of smoothness.
Owing to its strong, attractive and recognizable odours, our after shave is intended for modern, elegant men, who are self-assured, ambitious and handsome.
The packet contains 36 packages and includes 12 different fragrances.

  • Eau de cologne

Eau de cologne

Our new offer!

Eau de cologne for ladies
Our range of ladies’ eau de colognes will surprise you with fantastic fragrances that will give form to your sensuality, gentleness, carelessness… Feel free to choose the combination of the fragrance notes for yourself, because it is you that they represent!

Eau de cologne for men
Our offer contains different kinds of men’s colognes oozing a fragrance of unrestrained freedom, sensuality, freshness, maleness and seduction... Choose a Londessa eau de cologne to suit your personality.

Nudimo Vam pakovanja toaletnih voda koja sadrže 82 komada, pri čemu je 28 ženskih, a 12 muških mirisa.

  • Color line
  • Flert protein
  • Mini flert
  • Play of colors
  • Play of colors classic
  • Craquele
  • Franch manicure

Color line

Color line nail polishes are high quality products which do not contain toluene, formaldehyde or camphor. They are enriched with vitamins providing additional care for your nails. The unique chemical composition takes care of the health of your nails and also enables easy application of the polish on the nails, securing the shine, resistance and longevity of the polish. TheColor line brand represents an outstanding combination of cosmetics quality and technical innovation. Our offer also includes a wide range of colours.

Flert protein

Flert protein nail polishes are another brand of nail polishes offered to you by Londessa. These polishes feature an elegantly long brush which enables easy application of the polish on nails. The unique formula guarantees durability and fast drying, enabling a perfect look of your nails over a long period of time.
It is said that nails are a mirror of your character, while their colour reveals your temperament. We believe that our range of colours contains the one which is a perfect match for your type of personality.

Mini flert

Mini flert nail polishes represent another nail polish brand offered and warmly recommended to you by Londessa.
In addition to the practical design and affordable price, these nail polishes feature the elegant brush, which enables easy application of polish on the nails. The durable, quick-drying formula will make the perfect look of your nails last long.
We know the saying that your nails are a mirror of your character, while their colour reveals your temperament. We believe that our range of colours contains the one which is a perfect match for your personality.
A packet contains 80 flasks of Mini flert nail polish in different colours.

Play of colors

Colours play an important role in everyday life. They remind us of the places we love, they revive memories of our dear ones, our favourite seasons and often reflect our mood. This is our invitation for you to start a dance in the world of colors, accompanied by the Londessa brand, the Play of colors - Classic. This brand has a double-width brush (maxi brush) preventing formation of the polish residues in the grooves of the nails, so that the polish is applied smoothly and evenly, without leaving any traces or lines on the nails.
The brand includes the following products:

  • Play of colors fluo – polishes with a special formula, a high content of pigment and a wide range of colours.
  • Play of colors glitter – polishes with homogenous, thick mass, glittery structure, enabling easy, smooth and even distribution of the polish over the surface of the nails, as well as a high durability of the polish.
  • Play of colors velvet – dense matt polishes of prolonged durability. They are easily applied, and it takes only one layer for your nails to obtain a perfect look.
  • Play of colors sugar mat – dense, matt-texture nail polishes, giving the nails a special look of the finest sugary crystal glazing. The polishes are applied in a single layer if a second layer is applied, it is necessary to allow sufficient time for the first layer to dry out.

Play of colors classic

This is our invitation for you to start a dance in the world of colors, accompanied by the Londessa brand, the Play of colors - Classic. This brand has a double-width brush (maxi brush) preventing formation of the polish residues in the grooves of the nails, so that the polish is applied smoothly and evenly, without leaving any traces or lines on the nails
Play of colors – Classic polishes have a high content of the pigment, enabling uniform distribution of the polish over the surface of the nails and prolonged durability of the polish.


The nail polishes with the effect of a cracked surface havve become popular worldwide. By using theCraquele nail polish, you can also decorate the tops of your nails with the trendy fashion look. Londessa has gone a step further to provide you with a choice of colours to use in accordance with your preferences.

Franch manicure

The classical and elegant manicure of a lasting popularity as a fashion item, well-known as the French Manicure. It synonymous with elegance and style. There are two types of the French manicure in Londessa’s offer – in white and beige colours.

  • Oil nail polish remover with acetone
  • Oil nail polish remover without acetone
  • Calcium gel

Oil nail polish remover with acetone

The oil nail polish remover contains nail-nourishing oil, yielding a pleasant aroma for a long time after the use. The formula contains ricinus oil, with a fast replenishing action which regenerates the nails and efficiently nourishes and protects the cuticle - skin at the nail base, (by preventing the bacteria and fungi at the nail surface from invading the inner tissue).
By using the oil nail polish remover, the rough surface of the nail soon becomes smooth and shiny, owing to the ability of ricinus oil to penetrate the tissue and revitalize the keratin structures. The oil nail polish remover is especially suitable for removal of bright nail polishes.

Oil nail polish remover without acetone

If your nails are not very strong and show a tendency of drying, scaling and cracking, using an ordinary nail polish remover with a content of acetone may cause additional drying, stiffness and damage to your nails. In that case we recommend using the oil nail polish remover without acetone, which features an efficient and mild formula, easily removing the nail polish form natural and artificial nails, without damage or bleaching.
The acetone-free oil nail polish remover the protein component which reinforces the nail plate and prevents scaling. Ricinus oil replenishes the nails, makes them shiny and emulates the skin around the nail, making it soft and moist. Combined with the positive effects of the protein component, the ricinu oil regenerates hangnails.

Calcium gel

This gel is enriched with calcium and vitamins, contributing to its strengthening action on fragile and scaly nails. The calcium gel protects nails from the adverse impact of water and detergents. It can be used on a daily basis in regular care of nails, as well as a base for manicure over which to apply your favourite Londessa nail polish.

  • Hidrogen 3%
  • Hidrogen 6%
  • Hidrogen 9%
  • Hidrogen 12%
  • Hair Bleach - Philadelphia
  • Hair dye - Color cream

Hidrogen 3%

Londessa offers the emulsion cream hydrogen of a pleasant odour. The best results are achieved when this hydrogen is combined with Londessa hair dyes. Colouring the hair with the help of our best hydrogen becomes safe and secure, with no irritation or redness of skin. The three-percent hydrogen is an excellent solution for colourants which freshen up the colour of a streak in the hair or for dark colourants which refresh the hair colour.

Hidrogen 6%

Our 6% hydrogen contains stabilised hydrogen peroxide (H2O2. Owing to its active component, it significantly reduces damage to the hair. Decolouring – bleaching and dying with the hydrogen crème – makes the process more enjoyable and much safer for the hair. The six-percent hydrogen is suitable for all types of hair dying, since it does not change the hair hue.

Hidrogen 9%

The nine-percent hydrogen is used as an addition to the hair dye and the bleach, but it can also be independently applied to the hair, i.e. it can be used for hair bleaching to suit individual preferences of users. The user can determine the concentration of he hydrogen, according to their preferences. Thee nine-percent hydrogen is used for more demanding bleaching of hair, such as blonde, or when changing the hair colour from a dark into a lighter shade. The hydrogen has a pleasant odour.

Hidrogen 12%

The twelve-percent hydrogen is mostly used for dying into the lightest shades of blonde hair. Considering that the twelve-percent hydrogen entails the greatest risk of damaging hair, its frequent use is not recommended.

Hair Bleach - Philadelphia

The Philadelphia hair bleach is a product abundant in concentrated active supstances. The quality of this product is best reflected in the formula that prevents damage to the hairs, while at the same time effectively removes the pigment. In order to achieve the best possible effect and optimum protection for the hair, it is recommended that the bleach be used in a combination with the Londessa hydrogen, in accordance with the enclosed instructions.

Hair dye - Color cream

Londessa hair dye is a high quality concentrated hair dye with a very low ammoniac content. It is enriched with pro-vitamin B and silk proteins. The existing combination of ingredients increase the moisture and elasticity of the hair, helping the development of new hair cells and hair regeneration.
Our offer includes a highly diverse range of colours – we invite you to see it for yourselves! We recommend that the Londessa hair dye be always used with the Londessa hydrogen (3%, 6%, 9%, 12%).

  • 70% solution of alcohol ethanol

70% rastvor alkohola etanola

Seventy-percent solution of alcohol is used as a strong antiseptic agent. The antiseptic action decreases with the increase of concentration. Ethanol is used as a bacteriostatic (in concentrations between 8% and 10%), as well as an antiseptic agent (70% ethanolum dilutum).
Londessa offers a package of 12 pieces.

  • Aktivna nega kose
  • Maska za kosu
  • Regenerativni fluid
  • Šampon za normalnu kosu
  • Šampon protiv peruti
  • Šampon protiv opadanja kose
  • Šampon za suvu kosu
  • Aktiv balsam
  • Šampon za oštzećenu kosu

Aktivna nega kose

Nega kose obuhvata dve različite grupe aktivnosti:

  • zaštitu i stimulaciju vlasi kose
  • negu beživotnih vlasi kose koje opadaju

Aktivna nega kose svojom kombinacijom aktivnih komponenti efikasno rešava sve probleme Vaše kose.
Zato je korišćenje ovog programa najbolje što možete da uradite za svoju kosu!

Maska za kosu

Naša maska je namenjena beživotnoj kosi, bez sjaja i mekoće, sa strukturnim oštećenjima. Maska ima dugotrajni efekat, a veoma brzo kosi vraća mekoću, sjaj i preko potrebnu vlažnost. Primenom maske za kosu obnavljate proteinsku strukturu vlasi kose i štitite kosu od daljih oštećenja. Stoge je uprotreba maske za kosu važan i neophodan korak u celokupnom tretmanu nege i efikasne regeneracije oštećene kose.

Regenerativni fluid

Regenerativni fluid obnavlja proteinsku strukturu i stvara zaštitni film na površini vlasi. Reguliše vlažnost i hrani kosu. Daje veoma brze i vidljive rezultate, zato što:

  • regeneriše oštećene delove kose
  • štiti od štetnog uticaja sunca, vetra i čestog bojenja kose
  • štiti kosu od izlaganja visokim temperaturama (feniranje, tzv. „peglanje” kose i sl.)
  • povećava prirodni sjaj kose

Upotrebom ovog preparata Vaša kosa postaje zdrava, negovana, glatka, sjajna, mekana i, što je najvažnije, zaštićena od loših uticaja.

Šampon za normalnu kosu

Aktivne komponente ovog šampona pružaju kosi potpunu negu i zadržavaju sve osobine koje je karakterišu:

  • prirodni sjaj
  • prirodnu vlažnost
  • elastičnost

Šampon ne isušuje kosu pri niskoj atmosferskoj vlažnosti, već joj vraća prirodnu vlažnost štiteći je od spoljnih faktora, budući da je potpuno prilagođen fiziološkim funkcijama normalne kose.

Šampon protiv peruti

Bioaktivni sumpor je aktivna komponenta koja se koristi u dermatologiji i kozmetici za lečenje lokalnih poremećaja, peruti i masne kose kao posledice prekomernog lučenja lojnih žlezda.
Bioaktivni sumpor u formi kristala mikro čestica efikasno deluje na sudove lojnih žlezda i sužava ih, čime se smanjuje pojava peruti i masne kose. Šampon deluje antizapaljenski.

Šampon protiv opadanja kose

Opadanje kose predstavlja stanje od povećanog do potpunog gubitka kose. Do pojave preteranog opadanja kose dolazi zbog poremećaja ciklusa rasta dlake.
Da li postoji rešenje?
Active hair care šampon protiv opadanja kose sadrži novu aktivnu komponentu – bioaktivne signalne proteine koji efikasno sprečavaju povećan gubitak kose, tako što otklanjaju poremećaje u ciklusu rasta dlake.
Šta daje prednost našem šamponu?

  • Pri korišćenju ovog šampona potpuno se normalizuje ciklus rasta dlake.
  • Šampon normalizuje neumereno lučenje enzima sebum, čime se sprečava stvaranje peruti.
  • Šampon stimuliše vitalnost kose i poboljšava stanje već oštećene kose.

Šampon za suvu kosu

Fiziologija se već duže vreme intenzivno bavi problemom vlažnosti kose. Unutrašnji delovi dlake sadrže prirodne faktore vlažnosti (PFV). Smanjenje prirodnih faktora vlažnosti je neizbežan proces koji dovodi do stvaranja suve kose.
Jedan od osnovnih ciljeva nege kose jeste vraćanje kosi prirodne vlažnosti.
Active šampon za suvu kosu sadrži hidroskopske molekule dobijene iz korena biljke beta vulgaris i hidralizovanog skroba. Hidroskopski molekuli imaju sposobnost da brzo vezuju vodu, što uzrokuje povećanje vlažnosti na površinskom sloju kose čime dovodi do maksimuma njenu barijernu funkciju. Kosa postaje elastična i glatka. Značajno dejstvo vlaženja sa brzim delovanjem traje najmanje 24 časa, što omogućava potpunu dnevnu negu.
Efekti primetni pri korišćenju ovog šampona su:

  • veliko povećanje relativne koncentracije prirodnih faktora vlažnosti
  • trenutno povećanje prirodnih faktora vlažnosti
  • povećanje prirodnih faktora vlažnosti u periodu od 24 časa

Aktiv balsam

Nažalost, kosa često odaje utisak beznadežne oštećenosti, jer je bez sjaja, krta i naizgled beživotna. Iako znamo šta izaziva takav izgled kose, najčešće nismo u mogućnosti da izbegnemo štetne uticaje.
Sinergistički sistem je spoj više aktivnih komponenti koji omogućava da ovaj balzam višestruko deluje:

  • dubinski hrani vlasi kose
  • obnavlja površinski zaštitni sloj vlasi kose
  • sprečava tzv. cvetanje i krzanje kose
  • vraća kosi sjaj i elastičnost

Active balsam omogućava veoma lako češljanje i oblikovanje kose.

Šampon za oštzećenu kosu

Šampon za oštećenu kosu je namenjen revitalizaciji beživotne i oštećene kosa, koja je bez sjaja i sa vidljivim strukturnim oštećenjima.
Active šampon svojom idealnom kombinacijom aktivnih komponenti u sinergističkom sistemu postiže brojne korisne efekte:

  • vraća kosi neophodnu vlaženost
  • obnavlja unutrašnju i spoljašnju strukturu
  • štiti kosu od daljeg oštećenja
  • hrani kosu

Razultati korišćenja ovog šampona su trenutni i vidljivi, jer njegovom upotrebom Vaša kosa postaje zdrava, meka, svilenkasta i sjajna, što doprinosi Vašem zadovoljstvu i zdravom izgledu.