About us

The Londessa brand has been present in our market for a long time now - since 1994, when the first professional Londessa hair products were launched, followed by preparations for care and beauty of nails. Today Londessa is recognizable for its novel, highly popular range of beauty products – the Flirt line of perfumes, which are available to customers in the original packaging protected with the Institute for Intellectual Property Rights. In addition to the 280 fragrance notes of this perfume, Londessa expands the perfume brand Flirt to other preparations, offering it to its customers in the form of colognes and after shaves.

The Londessa team today is composed of 75 young, hard working and ambitious professionals. The quality of our products, our customers satisfaction and the constant enriching of the range of our products represent the base for Londessa’s constant development. The quality of our work is additionally affirmed by the distribution of our products beyond Serbia, to numerous European markets – we export our products to Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Greece, as well as a number of African countries.

Londessa implements the quality assurance systems ISO 9001 and 14001, as well as ISO 22716 - GMP for the production of cosmetics.

competitive advantages

  • Londessa operates at a constant and stable growth index, owing to the fact that each of our products complies with the highest quality standards.
  • We have built the highly modernised cosmetics factory, which enables us to meet the full scale of the market demands. Our raw materials are supplied by the world leaders in the area of cosmetics, and we also use these contacts to keep up with the latest technological innovations and trends.
  • We implement the quality assurance systems ISO 9001 and 14001, as well as ISO 22716 - GMP for the production of cosmetics.
  • We have protected our packaging with the Institute for Protection of Intellectual Rights and we constantly improve the quality of our products.
  • The number of retail businesses in the Balkans region that are regularly supplied with our products amounts over 10 000. Our market share has been built since 19944, and our products now occupy a significant position in the markets of Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Greece, Germany, but also of some African countries.
  • It is with pleasure that we emphasise that over the 20 years of our company history we have become the favourite cosmetics producer for customers of all ages.